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new starter Ingersoll rand ST950 CP03L 26S -3A Sr: SP1209 17044 Max inlet pressure :150 new Ingersol

New starter Ingersoll rand  ST950 CP03L 26S -3A Sr: SP1209 17044 Max inlet pressure :150 new Ingersoll rand starter ST950 we have for sale E-mail:

    we export all types of marine starter worldwide feel free to contact us

We want sale new Ingersoll rand starter , in box pack conditon with reasonable price details as below:make-Ingersoll randtype: ST950 CP03L 26S -3ASr:    SP1209 17044Max inlet pressure :150price on request

————————————————– We have emd engine [ Electro motive diesel] working engine dismantle starter        Also available in Good condition and working engine removal condition 

Type-ST950 Approx qty-6 pieces price on request   ————————————————

All types of marine Air starter we sale and export world wide feel free to contact us.


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