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taiko kikai Oily Water Separator UST-20 UST20 UST20N UST30 – 5 taiko filters taiko oily water

 Taiko kikai Oily Water Separator TAIKO UST-20 UST20 UST20N UST30 –  taiko  filters USC50 taiko oily water separator filters  E-mail:

We are stockist & exporter of all types of all types of original marine filters for oily water separator  TAIKO TYPES UST-20 UST20 UST20N UST30 –  taiko  filters WE HAVE READY STOCK AVAILABLE

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Thanks & Regards, Shakeel Sheikh

Ideal Diesel Marine Ship Machinery and Engine Spares Tel.: +91-7801989898 Mobile: +91-9825293844 E-mail:   


Specialist in Filters for Crane/Main Engine/Generator/o.w.s


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