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For sale RWO oily water separator type SKIT/S – DEB 5.0 RWO OWS cap: 5m3/hr For sale IMO Res.

for sale: RWO oily water separator type SKIT/S – DEB 5.0  RWO OWS cap: 5m3/hr For sale IMO Res. MEPC .107[49]USCG-Approval no. 162.050/0009056/0 SBG –Approval no. 3302 13 Below Details Complete OILY WATER SEPARATOR we have for sale: make: RWO MARINE TECHNOLOGY Type:  SKIT/S – DEB 5.0 cap: 5m3/hr Sr: 11372  Date of MFG: 2008 Condition: Working Ship removal IMO Res. MEPC .107[49] USCG-Approval no. 162.050/0009056/0 SBG –Approval no. 3302 13 This is Working ship removal unit in VeryGood conditon we also have Coalescer Filter and membrane for this unit. You are  Welcome to contact us for any of Complete ows &  spares Inquiry.

Thanks & Regards, Shakeel Sheikh

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Specialist in Filters for Crane/Main Engine/Generator/o.w.s


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