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BOLL AND KIRCH FILTERS 7605706 boll and kirch candle filter filter type-7605706 boll and kirch filte

BOLL AND KIRCH FILTERS EXPORTER-IDEAL DIESEL MARINE We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the stockiest of Marine Filters ,Engine spares & general items for marine industry. We are stockist of all types of boll and kirch filters from ship yards boll and kirch  filter type-7605706 boll and kirch filter type-7608089 boll and kirch filter type-1340101                                                     small vte-03238 boll and kirch filter type- 1450407                         FIL-TEC RIXEN GMBH FILTER -KX 040S80-SPRING CADLE BIG [FT FILTER] VTE FILTER -PART NUMBER -39455 CANDLE FILTER

Thanks & Regards, Shakeel Sheikh

Ideal Diesel Marine Ship Machinery and Engine Spares Tel.: +91-278-2511632 Mobile: +91-9825293844 E-mail:   

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Specialist in Filters for Crane/Main Engine/Generator/o.w.s


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